About Us

At Gonayo Marketing, we're a dedicated team of professionals united by our passion for crafting success.

Our expertise spans automation, branding, social media, SEM, and data analysis. With a global perspective and a collaborative spirit, we're committed to amplifying your brand's journey.

We're here to drive exceptional results for businesses worldwide through tailored strategies and innovative insights.

We Don't Follow Trends We Create It!

We believe in pioneering strategies that set new standards, rather than merely following the crowd. Our approach is rooted in innovation, where we blend creativity and data-driven insights to craft solutions that are as unique as your business.

From custom campaigns to cutting-edge technologies, we're here to lead the way, not just follow. Join us as we forge a path to success that's truly one-of-a-kind.


Jonathan - Founder

With a visionary spirit and an extensive background in automations, SEO expertise, and data analysis, Jonathan drives innovation at Gonayo Marketing.

Having left his mark in over 4 countries, his journey in automations began back in 2010. Beyond the digital realm, Jonathan's heart races for autosport and his lens captures the beauty of photography.

Fun fact: He's a true Formula 1 geek.

Carla - Co Founder

Meet our Co-founder Carla. She has been leading her clients to success for over 8 years through social media strategy and the creation of quality content.

She is an expert in graphic design, passionate about crafting and reinterpreting strong visual identities. She genuinely enjoys her work. Her creative and aesthetic mindset allows her to adapt to the various audiences and brands she works with.

When she's not working, Carla is passionate about studying ancient civilizations, art, and literature. She's a true Freak.

Erika - Growth Marketing Specialist

Passionate about Digital Marketing with a solid background of almost 8 years in the development and implementation of digital strategies. She has an analytical mind and a dynamic approach that has allowed her to succeed in a constantly changing environment.

She has developed her professional career in multidisciplinary environments and in large companies from different sectors.

When not optimizing campaigns, Erika explores her passion for globetrotting. With an infectious spirit, she's the life of the team, making every moment enjoyable.





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